1st Semester
1. Welding Fundamental
2. Safety in the workplace
3. Oxy-Fuel and Plasma Arc Cutting
4. Design and Fabrication
5. SMAW ( Stick Welding)

2nd Semester
6. Welding and Cutting Processes
7. Engineering Drawing
8. Technical Mathematics
9 Welding Design and Symbols
10. Technical Mathematics II

3nd Semester
11. GMAW ( Mig welding with
12. solid wire)Welding
13. Repair All Kinds of Grill
14. Design & Making
15. Welding Joint Analysis
16. Welding Joint Analysis I

4th Semester
Statics and Dynamics
Switchgear and Protection
Welding Safety
Welding Joint Analysis II
Welding Procedures and
Project Work

Course Duration : 1 Year
Coruse Fee: 20,000 TK